"Meditation has transformed my entire headspace, delivering me from a life entangled with depression and confined by anxiety, to one of true freedom and happiness. I love nothing more than sharing and teaching the transformative practice of meditation with others." - Jordan

Following the passing of his father to a bout of clinical depression that culminated in suicide, Jordan Lally began a dedicated practice of meditation in an effort to better understand and transcend his own depressive and anxious tendencies. His meditative journey began with the practice of Hemi-Sync and mantra meditation. Over time he began incorporating mindfulness and self-inquiry into his personal practice.

Jordan earned his bachelor's degree in Psychology from Mount St Mary's University. He received his Advanced Certification in Yoga Nidra, Meditation & Mindfulness, as well as his Certification in Kids Yoga Nidra, Meditation & Mindfulness, from the Amrit Yoga Institute - where he studied under renowned meditation teacher Kamini Desai. Jordan is Mental Health First Aid certified.

In 2014, Jordan founded the Ed Lally Foundation to de-stigmatize mental illness and to raise awareness for mental health through meditation, mindfulness, self-expression and associated healing practices.

Jordan offers individual and group meditation instruction to help people establish a home meditation practice and better navigate their mental health challenges. He gives guided meditations throughout the community on behalf of the Ed Lally Foundation, and teaches weekly classes through various online platforms. Jordan also has meditations and mental health conversations available on his YouTube channel. For more information, .