The Ed Lally Foundation

Jordan and the Lally family founded The Ed Lally Foundation to advocate for a proactive approach to mental health & suicide prevention through accessible practices of meditation, mindfulness, authentic self-expression and community connection.

"As a family, we walked hand in hand with my beloved father Ed Lally as he suffered through multiple bouts of clinical depression - the last of which culminated in suicide. Through my Dad’s journey, as well as our own personal experiences, we know first-hand the pain and isolation of depression and anxiety. 

Since his passing, we’ve also come to know the profound healing born out of proactive approach to mental health. Through the Ed Lally Foundation, we endeavor to share the research-based practices of self-awareness and self-expression that have helped us to find healing; practices that improve our ability to cope with, navigate and heal from experiences of depression and anxiety; practices that foster our recognition that we are are not alone in our mental-emotional struggles, and that together, we have the power to heal."

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