The Ed Lally Foundation

ELF LogoJordan and the Lally family founded The Ed Lally Foundation to de-stigmatize mental illness and raise awareness for meditation, mindfulness, creative expression & associated mental health practices.

“Watching my Dad suffer and ultimately become engulfed by his depression & anxiety forced me to take a closer look at my own mental health. If such a beautiful man can fall victim, what's to stop me from being next? I, like most everyone, have a range of emotions and thoughts that at times are depressive and/or anxious. Truthfully for me, my anxieties and depressive tendencies have dominated a large portion of my life.

"In the wake of my father's suicide, over the course of some very serendipitous experiences, I discovered meditation. Since then I've incorporated a diligent practice of meditation into my life. It has changed EVERYTHING for me. From where I now stand, I believe that had my father been introduced to meditation earlier in his life, his illness would have run a very different course. Meditation has cleaned up my mental noise, provided a greater understanding & comfort in dealing with my emotions and, as a result, brought a genuine happiness into my life that I'd not known before.

"It is our family's wish through the Ed Lally Foundation to not only raise awareness for mental illness, but to promote mental heath via alternative methods like meditation, mindfulness, creative expression, yoga, etc. We want to make them accessible to everyone, not just people who can bend like a pretzel or sit cross-legged with perfect posture for hours on end. These mental health solutions are very real, and very simple to incorporate into daily life.”